'Breast is best' - but it isn't always possible. Stop making mums feel bad!

Pressure to breastfeed from the media/doctors/health visitors/midwives/the World Health Organisation (WHO) & the government can cause post natal depression. In some cases this has led mothers to commit suicide! There needs to be an understanding that breastfeeding is not always possible due to several reasons; lack of milk supply, poor latch, tongue tie etc. When a baby doesn't receive necessary nutrients, isn't gaining weight & becoming jaundice, then formula feeds can prevent death!

Shops have to follow government / WHO guidelines. This petition is to get these guidelines updated / changed to show empathy with mothers who, for whatever reason, are unable to breastfeed & have to use formula milk. The government do not allow shops to award store points / vouchers when formula milk is purchased! Mums who are unable to breastfeed are being unfairly penalised for doing what is best for their baby.

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Sophia Williams

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Wednesday 26 March 2014

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Friday 27 March 2015