Bring back Capital Punishment for Extreme offences.

F.A.O Ministry of Justice and the UK Government to repeal the ban on Capital Punishment for extreme cases only, so I'm not talking about sending someone to the Electric Chair for Burglary. I'm talking about the crimes which strip people of their dignity, like Rape and Murder.

Many people, after suffering from being raped or having to deal with their family member or even close friend being murdered, start to have mental health issues which aren't appropriately addressed to by the NHS. Many people seek revenge on people like this and some even get killed in prison for what they do to others.

Why not save the people doing it to the offenders in jail let the Govt. take action? It's time to call an ultimate stop to Rape and Murder cases. The Death Sentence would put anyone off committing such a crime, we need it back, TODAY!

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Adam Jones

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Wednesday 13 November 2013

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