bring back corporal punishment and capital punishment

With all the scienictific knowledge we have IE... DNA, finger printing ECT.
There is no reason why corporal punishment and capital punishment should not be reintroduced.
Over the year this country (to put it politely) has became too soft on crime.
There for I ask isn’t it about time we as a country stopped taking orders from the rest of the world and start paying attention to our own needs?
Isnt it time we stood up for ourselfs isn’t it time we had justice ?
I say this to you. Shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime?
Brady and hindley got away with not being hung , the krays twins got away with it also Why?
The changes in the system let to this country being soft .
Let the punishment fit the crime, and reintroduce corporal punishment and capital punishment.

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philip johnson

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Friday 31 May 2013

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