Bring back EMA

In able to support themselves in college, some teenagers received EMA benefits to help put them through education and get the stable learning habits they deserved. Now it has been stopped, scrapped and not available to certain people, how will people be able to get through schooling? Not everyone can afford supporting equipment so should they not go to higher education? University fees are at an all time high so certain people can not go. Now, with EMA having been scrapped, certain people will also not be able to afford any form of higher education including college! It is essential to have higher education, especially in this economic crisis we are in. With living becoming more and more expensive each day, it is essential that children/teens are put through schooling so they won't have to struggle later in life. Each person deserves a fair chance at education so they can move on to better things! Bring back EMA!

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Leanne Amaning

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Tuesday 27 September 2011

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