Bring Back National Service

Our society has been burdened by selfishness, obesity, immorality, knife crime and gangsters culminating in a lack of care for community that has brought on the phrase "Broken Britain" and the instigation of many schemes to fix the problems that have so far failed.
We don't appreciate society like our ancestors did and a mere 7% of people have friends or family who have served in the Armed Forces.
Bring back National Service for all school leavers in mandatory 1 year training before 2 years of TA service. We can revitalise the underprivileged that don’t get the same opportunities as others. As well as those who are obese, selfish or anti-social, who will be moulded into fit productive members of society. With the SDSR attempting to bolster TA numbers by 2020 it would be an invaluable means of providing our youngsters with the confidence, capability and skills needed to aid this country in the future as well as improving their overall wellbeing.

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David Gladwin

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Saturday 6 August 2011

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