Bring Back National Service

The recent riots/ looting in London/UK shows a proportion of society’s youth is totally out of control, undisciplined & criminally immoral. This disintegration of our society has been happening for years; however this level of criminality is extreme & MUST be the last straw. This proposal is to re-introduce National Service for those aged between 16-21 that are NOT in full time education OR employment. National Service WILL benefit our youth - instilling discipline & manners, giving a sense of purpose, patriotism & pride, the opportunity to learn a trade/skill & avoid gangs, drugs & criminality. In turn National Service WILL provide the country with these benefits - the removal of ‘feral’ youths from our streets, reduction of gangs, drugs & criminality & an opportunity for armed services to select best recruits. NOTE: ‘National Service’ does not have to be identical to the service of old; rather it should be tailored to specifically address the problems at hand in our society today.

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Steve Bryant

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Tuesday 9 August 2011

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