Bring Back Robot Wars to TV

It has been 10 years since Robot Wars was last televised. It was a popular TV program that many grew up watching, and although the organisation still exists, often touring the country, it's audience reach is very limited due to the nature of live performances and entertainment.

I hereby propose the return of this TV series which I sure will be a success, both commercially and in terms of viewing figures.

It's a well established franchise with 15 years of experience and development. Robot Wars is a well known and established brand and is still going strong despite the lack of commercial support.

Having seen the local Road Show, it became apparent that the organisation has grown and evolved, including the design, manufacturing and technical specification. the format has moved on and developed further after the televised series left off. Hopefully the shown will be broadcast nationwide again and be appreciated by the loyal fans and enthusiasts.

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Paul Rowland

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Saturday 24 August 2013

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