Bring back the death penalty for terrorists and murderers like Michael Adebolajo

People who plot against our Country, our Government and Her Majesties services should face capital punishment for treason. Murdering a British Soldier on home soil is an attack on our Military which is an attack of our Country and Queen.

It is an unforgivable crime, justice needs to be served rather than keeping them in our prisons under high security costing the tax payers (And the victim(s) and victim(s) family money to keep them nice and cosy)

Enough is enough, Britain needs to show these extremists and murderous culprits that we will not stand and leave them get an easy life inside our prisons.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life.

Lets make Britain Great again, these people are not a part of it.

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Nicky Thomas

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Friday 24 May 2013

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