Bring back the death penalty in UK

A life sentence in the UK is ridiculous, its currently 30 years which is definitely not a life. Also I don't think i've heard of any prisoner in the UK serving the whole 30 years , the majority of the time they get out after 15!
We are living in a country with murderers, but we can do something to help. If these murderers are sentenced to a painful death, tortured or hanged then maybe some people in the UK wouldn't grow up thinking they can murder a victim and have an easy time in prison, which it is , we've all watched the programmes on TV where they are enjoying a punch up in prison to gain a step up in the pecking order or even enjoy a game of pool!
A lot of you are against bringing back the death penalty, for that fact of innocent people getting sentenced to their death. Although this country has the technology these days, to ensure they committed the murder. Mobile phones for instance , murders can now be caught on camera by one of the billions of cameras that now surround us.

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Gordon Baillie

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Saturday 25 May 2013

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