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We teach our children how to add and subtract, how to speak and write English, how things work scientifically, yet we do not teach our children how they can participate in society, the rights (and, yes, responsibilities) that they have, and how the country they live in works. As recently demonstrated in the UK riots, this disillusioned generation feel that the system has nothing to offer them, and this led to frustration. Furthermore, participation is at the lowest level amongst young people ever witnessed. We also want to combine this with a study of basic history, both east and west. This will increase people’s awareness of the development of their own societies and other peoples'. This new subject will engage young people through relevant debate on issues that matter to them. We hope that, together, we can change the downward trend occurring in UK society in terms of young people, and that, together, we can create a fairer and more equal democracy and, ultimately, society.

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Jordan Moss

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Thursday 1 December 2011

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