Bring Emmanuel Eboué back to English football

We miss Eboué; we want him back in English football! I mean, how could you not miss him, he's fucking awesome. Look at him!

Sometimes at night I dream of him. I wake up in a cold sweat, flick on my TV, expecting him to be there. He is never there.

This has to stop.

I know I am not alone. Many others have told me that they too are thinking of our best ever right-back, forced into exile in Turkey like some semi-talented miscreant giblet. What did he do to deserve our scorn when all he wanted was our love.

Change starts here. We want the government to exert pressure on all English Premier League clubs to sign up Eboue. It's clear from his modest but steady return of 3 goals in 31 games that he can still do a job at this level.

Come on, England! Bring back your prodigal son. Unless he's happy, of course, in which case leave him be.

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Jonathan Brierley

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Thursday 18 October 2012

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