Call for a reduction in Fuel Duty on Petrol and Diesel

Fuel duty has pushed up the cost of petrol and diesel to a level which is almost unaffordable to the average man and woman. It is a tax that discriminates against those with the least disposable income and affects everyone. Transport is an essential part of daily life in our society and even those who do not drive are affected by the rising cost of fuel in rising public transport costs and in the distribution costs of everyday goods. At a time when we are all struggling to make ends meet, Mr Prime Minister, I am calling on you and your Government to cut fuel duty to an affordable amount for the reasonable man/woman. British citizens have paid over the odds for their fuel for too long and it is time for you to cut us some slack. Increase tax in other areas for those who can afford to help out more in order to achieve lower fuel duty and get Britain back on its feet.

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Richard Mulligan

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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