Call for recognition that Bullying by Adults in Schools is unacceptable (revised)

Adults who work in schools and Adults who have dealings with schools have the right to feel safe. Bullying is an abuse of power by weak individuals and is not reasonable or rational behaviour.
• Teachers and support staff should not be bullied because they are seen to represent a threat in some way (possibly because they are very good at their job)
• Parents should not be bullied because they have had legitimate cause to make a complaint about a school
• Children should not be bullied because school officials see them as a means of exploiting a parent
• Governors should not be bullied because they present legitimate challenge

The Government need to ensure that the problem of Adult Bullying in schools is recognised. All allegations/counter allegations of Bullying should be independently investigated, people should be properly supported and they should not be fearful of repercussions from those in power

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Caroline Hanman

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Monday 11 June 2012

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