Cannabis to become a controlled and taxable substance.

There are many reasons why legalisation of cannabis would boost britain. Here are just a few.

*The Government can raise revenue from the tax. Because demand is likely to be inelastic, the tax revenue could be quite high. The tax revenues could be used to help finance health care and treat lung cancer in the same way revenue raised from the sale of alchohol in the uk goes to help treating illness caused by it.
*Britain spends 500million policing cannabis every year which could go to help in many other more useful ways.It would reduce size of black economy. If cannabis was legalised it would reduce criminal activity. It would also free up police time to investigate more serious crimes.
*Many people use cannabis to help with all kinds of medical conditions such as slowing the spread of cancer cells, as a pain killer and many more. shoudnt we be offering the best health care possible?

Shouldnt we see what the country wants and put it to the vote?

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Samuel Robert Budd

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Saturday 15 March 2014

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