Capital Punishment for Woolwich Attackers 2013

Introduction of Capital Punishment to any perpetrator of a terrorist attack on UK Soil or Sovereign territories or any deliberate violent attack on members of UK personnel serving a role to protect the interests of the UK People and property including but not exclusive to; Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Police, Armed Forces, Emergency Service Personnel.
Current sentencing in the UK doesn't give a strong enough message that attacking and terrorising UK people or interests is enough. And public opinion is such that no longer are we prepared to lock these terrorists up in prison. A stronger message needs to be sent and that message can only be made with Capital Punishment
On Wednesday 22nd May 2013 a violent attack, with implications of a terrorist nature, took place on the streets of Woolwich, London.
No longer is custodial sentencing enough of a punishment for this kind of terror crime.

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Mark Smith

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Wednesday 22 May 2013

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