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Ban insurance companies from quoting people anymore then 2 times the value of a vehicle. 23 year old male, no criminal record, no involvement in any road traffic accidents, in full time white collar employment. Passed driving test, quoted £10,000 by Aviva on a 1 litre £500 Micra. Insurance companies sucking the life and blood out of people. No wonder people are staging accidents and compensation culture is taking hold. Insurance companies want excuses to increase premiums. How am I and millions of young people who are meant to be the future of this country even hope to prosper when something as simpple as getting a car on the road has almost become impossible. Third party personal insurance should either be fixed/capped or included in a license or vehicle registration fee. A one for all strategy may not work but the current system whilst in the short run is making insurance companies richer, in the long run is just going to cause the public more aggro and needs changing.

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R Patel

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Friday 16 December 2011

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Wednesday 19 December 2012

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