Car insurance companies ripping off road legal public!

I want our government to look into car insurance companies that are making law abiding citizens pay the penallties of uninsured drivers, They openely admit that the paying public have to foot the bill for this and i think this is obsurd. It will be an idea for the unisured drivers to be given 3 months to pay a full 12 months insurance at full comprehensive rate for the vehicle they were caught driving at the time as a penalty instead of a measly 180 pound fine and banned from driving for 6 months. If it is not paid then other punishments to be added ontop of that with the isurance payment still due. It is disgusting that law abiding citizens have to pay for criminals, it seems this government caters more for criminals than for the paying public. This needs to change and soon!!

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Leo Fonseca

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Monday 23 July 2012

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Wednesday 24 July 2013

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