Car Insurance - Penalised for notification of incident but not culpable.

I am submitting this petition due to being expected to accept an increase in the cost of car insurance for notifying my insurance company (IC) of incidents all of which I was not to blame.

I notified my IC of 4 incidents within the past 5 years in accordance with my legal obligation. No claim was made and there was no intention to do so. They were either minor or culpability admitted by the other party and resolved.

IC's class those involved in incidents regardless of making no claim or to blame are likely to be involved in further incidents where they MAY be the culpable.

I only see this as another IC revenue maker, In addition to being highly immoral.

Please investigate the conduct of the insurance companies with regard to 'Notification without Claim'.
The whole approach by IC's to attain revenue from law abiding citizens in lieu of those who continue to ignore UK law. They continue to drive illegaly and I/we continue to pay for their illegal privilege.

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Richard McKie

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Friday 28 December 2012

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Sunday 7 April 2013

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