Car Insurance regulation

I am sick of insurance companies is robing people in day light, I think it is time to bring regulation to protect drivers and make sure that there is no rip off to the drivers by insurance companies .
Suggestion how I like the government to regulate the Car insurance industry. 1.No Claims Bonus ( Bring in Regulation that how much each no claims Bonus is worth) 2.NCB in case of accident (Bring in Regulation to categorise the incident from minor to major so that insurance company take NCB off drivers according to accident ) 3.Insurance Quotes ( Bring in Regulation that every Quote is itemised in detail how much you paying and for what) 4.NCB age limit (Bring in Regulation to remove age limit of NCB ,if you not driving for 2 years or more your old NCB should not expire )
5.For new drivers ( Bring in Regulation that after doing course like pass plus or more advanced course will automatically have 1 NCB to help them reduce the cost for new insurance and also cap the Insurance amount .

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Tariq Ahmed

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Thursday 10 October 2013

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Monday 14 April 2014

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