Carers Allowance Reform

I claim £58.45 for looking after a Daughter that suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. I also have a Son that suffers from the same condition but because my Husband works we would not be entitled to claim it for him. I have to be showing that I care for my Daughter for a minimum of 35hrs a week which I clearly do more of. For this I am being paid, like I said earlier £58.45, which equates to approx £1.67. Again I care for 2 children in which I theoretically care for a minimum of 70hrs a week and which equates to 83.5p per hour. The demands and commitments of this condition means I cannot return to work to get any other finances and I cannot claim any benefits. I also have to declare this amount to tax credits as a taxable income so some of it is taken away for their purposes. This is far from justified...!!!

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Kelly Taylor

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Thursday 18 October 2012

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