Change in UK Immigration Laws - Keeping Families Apart

Theresa May has restricted the Human Rights of UK Citizenzs who marry people from outside the EU.

Families face separation if their earnings fall short of the £18,600 threshold. The threshold rises to £22,400 if the couple have a child.

Under the new system, 40% of the British working population are prevented from bringing a foreign spouse to live with them here in Britain.

The amendments to the immigration law have now forced many people to choose between either a life lived away from the UK, or a painful separation from loved ones for a long period of time, sometimes even forever.

These new laws are tearing homes and families apart and causing undue stress to thousands of British citizens in and outside of the UK. These are radical and racist movements from a government that supposedly supports the institution of marriage and family life.

The Goverment need to review individual cases and review peoples personal circumstances.

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Michelle Robertson

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Wednesday 3 July 2013

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