Change Law on White Collar Banking Crime

AS a reformed ex-bank robber I am grieved by the "Two Tear" Legal system we now live in today. THE LAW must be CHANGED so that the Bankers will never again have the power to fraudulently manipulate the Banking System on a "Grand Mega Scale", without fear of a Custodial sentence.

I robbed a bank in 1985 for which I went to "Crown Court" due to the fact that the amount of money was over £2000.
The public money "Used" & "Lost" in what can only be described "Mega-Fraud & deception from the top down by all in the industry they must be made accountable under the LAW.
Each PPI claim has the amount involved & a traceable paper trail of evidence case by case.
ACTION Wanted:-
1. I hear by demand that the two levels of law which now exist be CHANGED to a one LAW for ALL.
The law does not see "White Collar Crime" by "The Banking Industry, WHY?
2. Crime is Crime they should do time.
I want to see BANKERS in prision.

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Geoffrey Jackson

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Friday 1 March 2013

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Wednesday 5 March 2014

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