Change of the benefits system

We believe that the government need to be stricter on the way benefits are given to people. And people who are perfectly able to work should lose there entitlement.
i.e. Someone who is diagnosed with MS in the early stages is perfectly able to have a job as it yet has not affected them. When it comes to the time when they can no longer walk or see to them self’s. This is when they should be entitled to the benefits. NOT from diagnosis which is the current system. This should apply to ALL conditions.
This would save the government MILLIONS year on year, and also means that people who have worked all their lives and are OAP's can have a higher pension, which they disserve.
We also believe that single parents can’t claim for child allowance for more than the SECOND child. This again would save millions of pounds year on year.
And people who are currently on benefits should be reviewed every 12 months by professionals.

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Jack Whitney

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Friday 12 August 2011

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Wednesday 15 August 2012

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