Change our national anthem to the music in the GAZPROM advert

I think it's fair to say - with all due respect - that our national anthem is put to shame by those of other countries. I am sure that you'll agree with me when I say that I feel a minimal sense of pride when we hear the anthem played. Few know the words!

So, what I propose is that we change the national anthem - to the music played on the GAZPROM advert that we hear countless times on the TV when there is a UEFA Champions League game. If you have never heard it, search it on YouTube. I feel that it is music that we could rally around. It has no words, which solves one of the problems and it i definitely sounds like music of a national anthem quality. Rousing, inspiring and uplifting - just as an anthem should be.

So please, join me in my quest to change the national anthem.
I'd really appreciate it!

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Kaan Dal

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Tuesday 11 March 2014

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