Change religious slaughter law to mirror the licensing requirements in Germany

Change the laws to mirror those in Germany as outlined in House of Commons Library SN07108SES dated 18/02/2015. Germany requires licensing and the matching of volumes produced to actual needs for religious slaughtered products.Britain has no such defined requirement for monitoring or enforcement

House of Commons SN07108 dated 28/02/2015
DEFRA T02017 and RFI 9592
Volume of meat produced by religious slaughter over 50%
Religious groups requiring such produce 6%
Most meat on sale in UK supermarkets carry EEC codes that refer to establishments that practice religious slaughter but there is no requirement to restrict the sale or even label these products which denies british consumers choice and infringes on the religious freedoms of groups who religions forbid its use

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David Morgan

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Tuesday 13 February 2018

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Monday 13 August 2018

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