change the benefit system sot that people who really try get rewarded

I think it is not right that when on benefits there is one standard amount of job seekers allowance when some people do more than others to find work.At the moment a person who does 60 things to find work will get the same amount as someone who does 6.

I think 6 should be the basic amount of things people need to do, but if someone does 12 things to find work they should get more than someone who does 6. This way people who really try to find work we be able to live more stable lives and their hard work will be useful.

It would mean people would be motivated to search for work and so more applications would be sent and more people would find work, thus helping the economy. Also it would mean that people who are happy to do the bare minimum would be found quicker.

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Andrew Dawson

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Wednesday 8 October 2014

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Monday 30 March 2015

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