Change the crime of killing by drink driving to manslaughter.

My dad at 13 years old lost his mother because someone got behind the wheel after drinking. This person served less than 3 years in prison.
Drink driving fits the definition of manslaughter, they may mean no malice but knowing the risk still choose to drive, so should be punished accordingly.

Causing death due to drink driving in the UK is sentenced as death by dangerous driving. The average custodial sentence for causing death by careless/dangerous driving was just under four years in 2015.
240 times a year someone is killed by a drink driver in the UK. This means nearly 5 times a week someone in the UK loses their mom, dad, child, partner or friend.
Being in a vehicle makes their sentence more lenient than manslaughter. That is not justice for those who lose their lives.

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Monday 12 March 2018

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