Change the Fee Burden for the Tribunal Service to the Employer

Recently July 2013 Tribunal fees were introduced. The current fees are the initial £250 fee payable on application and then a £950 fee payable when the matter proceeds.

The unfairly dismissed employee for example is penalised twice, once by the unfair and unreasonable employer and then again by having to pay Tribunal fees when the employee has no income.

The employee is unfairly discouraged from taking recourse.

Employees using the Tribunal service should not have to pay Tribunal fees.

However, unreasonable employers who have mistreated employee(s) should have to pay. This is the only way of ensuring that employers treat employment law seriously.

The employer that losses at Tribunal should have to pay on top of the award to an employee a fee equivalent to a further 10% to the Tribunal service.

Action 1 - Remove all Tribunal Fees for Employees

Action 2 - Introduce Tribunal Fees for Employers

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steve duncan

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Monday 4 November 2013

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Wednesday 5 November 2014

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