Change The Law To Make Streptococcus Equi A Notifiable Disease

We, the undersigned, ask that Strep Equi, a highly contagious disease in Equines, is made a notifiable disease to DEFRA and to The Animal Health Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA).

Streptococcus Equi is Endemic within the UK & is highly contagious, being spread by close/direct contact in horses. If this was made a notifiable disease, this would stop the spread of the disease ensuring that it is contained in one area & equines could then not be moved therefore spreading the bacteria to other horses.

Streptococcus Equi can prove fatal in some cases despite best practice & Veterinary Treatment.

Strep Equi in other countries within the EU such as Sweden is a notifiable disease.

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Michelle Ross

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Sunday 23 March 2014

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Wednesday 24 September 2014

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