Change the laws regarding term time holidays

A big debate over recent weeks has been the debate about parents taking children out of school during term time to take a holiday as this is usually the only affordable time. In my experience i've seen many punishments given including jail terms for parents taking children out of school to give them something to enjoy. The fact that you are able to get jail time for this is a joke.

If this is the case for students, using the argument that "any time off could disrupt the child's education", surely any time off for teachers during term time would lead to the same result? From personal experience I remember many a time we would be told that our teacher would be off on holiday.

The idea that families get punished by travel agencies and schools, making it nearly impossible to give your child memories to enjoy of distant places, makes the whole thing feel like a great injustice.

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Thomas Phipson

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Friday 14 March 2014

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