Change the way large corporations/business, high valued individuals are taxed

As many of you will be aware over the last year or two there has been mass media coverage over the exploits of particular high valued individuals and multinational companies regarding their tax affairs.

Britains tax system has been exploited to the nth degree. Whilst many of these global corporations have not broken any laws, they have proactively undertaken a policy of aggressive tax avoidance; paying as little tax as possible.

Although there has been political outcry at these examples in the media, nothing substantial seems to have been done about it. Tax loopholes allow for our system to be violated and although we may think this is immoral or unethical, this is totally legal.

I believe that our government must immediately reform the way tax is collected and revenues are declared. In addition, loopholes which allow for tax avoidance need to be addressed.

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Tarkan Konc

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Friday 24 May 2013

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Thursday 29 May 2014

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