Change UK Prostitution Laws to be in line with Norway, Sweden, Ireland, France.

The laws around prostitution in the UK are inefficient. Decriminalisation zones are proven to be ineffective, as demonstrated by the murder of Daria Pionko that took place in Leeds, December 2015. Laws around prostitution are in urgent need of reform to ensure this industry doesn't continue to grow.

Signatories recommend:
- The prostituted be absolved of all criminality
- Investment is made in supporting prostituted persons to exit the sex trade via specialised training, support & health services
- Those at risk of entering prostitution are identified & supported to ensure they have viable career & education options
- The purchase of sexual access to human bodies is criminalised & subject to custodial penalty
- Consultation with Survivor Organisations is undertaken to inform legislation

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Gabriella Maria Apicella

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Thursday 21 July 2016

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Friday 20 January 2017

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