Charge Agencies For All Road Closures

Our roads are closed too often and for too long.

This is inconvenient and costs the country billions of pounds in lost working time, increased costs, accidents and extra mileage. There is also increased pollution and associated health penalties. Repaired surfaces are seldom good.

Much of this is unnecessary. Road closures are often poorly planned or prolonged. There is little cooperation between different utilities. Alternative solutions and new technologies are ignored.

The real cost of road closures should be passed on. Charges should be based on the disruption caused - road usage, lanes closed or the length of diversions.

In the end, these charges would be borne by the public but they would provide an incentive to efficiency. If we are to be a modern and competitive country, attitudes must change.

I petition the government to introduce such charges.

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Created By

John Annan

Created On

Monday 25 November 2013

Closing Date

Wednesday 26 November 2014