Chemical Castration for those linked to sexually motivated crimes

It is my proposal to allow the courts to refer to chemical castration for two particular cases. Firstly, when a paedophile is forensically linked to a sexual assault on a child. Secondly, when an offender has committed a sexual crime upon completion of a sentence relating to a sexually motivated crime.

I am a strong believer that jury's can be proven wrong, therefore, it seems the most logical way to progress would be to allow a reversible chemical procedure. For this reason, I do not believe in capital punishment, I would therefore consider that this would be the most humane approach to this situation.

I refer to the 1981 experiment of P. Gagne whereby 48 males with long standing histories of sexual behaviour were administrated medroxyprogesterone acetate for 12 months. It was recorded that 40 people had diminished desires for sexual fantasies, greater control of sexual urges and generally positive behaviour with few side effects.

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Tuesday 17 January 2012

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