Child abuse specialist therapy: Don't make us pay twice. Offer long term free specialist recovery therapy for childhood sexual abuse survivors

Childhood sexual abuse can be emotionally and financially quantified and cause:

depression, suicide, self-harming, drug & alcohol abuse, sexual dysfunction, relationship & trust issues, insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, addictive behaviours (gambling, sex, shopping or eating), emotional instability, anger, sexual confusion, sexual acting out, social isolation, emotional numbness, risk taking behaviours, un-employment, low self-esteem & education, poor self-care, exercise & hygiene, criminal behaviour and serving custodial sentences.

"Nearly a quarter of young adults experienced sexual abuse during childhood" (NSPCC, 2012).

Survivors pay for long term therapy because the NHS only offer short term capped services. The therapeutic process takes years and there seems to be a mismatch between need and support.

Debate the need for uncapped long term free support services. This will pay the government back by reducing the burden on the NHS, prison services and save lives.

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