Child Support Avoidance by the Self Employed/Company Directors

To provide more powers to the Child Enforcement Agency in relation to investigating the self employed and company directors who avoid paying child maintenance or pay only a small amount of what they should be paying for their child .A self employed person can say they are only paying themselves a salary of less than £100 per week, out of their business. Not only is that person not paying any tax or national insurance contributions in the UK due to the stated low income, they are making a mockery of the government and their agency which sees good and decent citizens who PAYE as being easy targets for the CSA to get money out of. Money allows you to avoid justice because it allows you to pay someone to find a loophole for you. The government needs to create a tougher system against those that go under the radar and to provide more powers of investigation into the self employed /company directors who are determined to find a way around the system and avoid paying child maintenance.

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A Andrews

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Wednesday 17 August 2011

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Friday 17 August 2012

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