children online gaming

monitoring of console online gaming to stop children playing violent games, being abused and bullied or trolled by other gamers or doing it themselves. console makers take no responsibility, game makers take no responsibility, there just making money, in fact no one monitors it, it is now getting out of hand were children think its ok to go out and kill innocent people, its time as a responsible society to hold people to account, companies to account, it needs to be monitored and companies fined and held to account. if the game says you have to be 18yrs old and above, then anyone younger are breaking the law , companies are breaking the law, its time for online gaming to be monitored, theres too much racism, extremism taking place online if your a responsible parent sign this too make the government stand up and notice, or is it no one cares anymore

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paul cockram

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Wednesday 5 June 2013

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