Closed British Consular against British nationals caught up during the economic downturn

When the financial markets folded up in Britain due to the consolidating housing market. Eventually Britain was closed for recession in September 2007. The financial markets went into turbulence. British nationals headed for capital mobility nations in likes Brussel, Australia, South Africa, as far as Middle East(Abu dhabi, Dubai and so on including China. Citizens caught up in once florishing nations like the coastal Africa went that direction but the financial meltdown had eaten a chunk crunch of their financial system had been much affected against the British nationals. The funds are not forthcoming due to customary rulings and traditions. I am a Part Qualified Accountant, with peculiar interest in added value for market niche and growth trends for the corporate entity, small & medium size enterprise.
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Olufemi Oladipo Adeyeye

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Saturday 5 April 2014

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