Coalition out, wasting resources

It is now time that this Government was removed from power, due to recent events and the lack of positive action against the perpetrators I feel that it is now time for the coalition to step down. In recent days we have had Drummer Lee Rigby murdered in the street without provocation, A Prison officer taken hostage, stabbed and beaten and a national monument defaced with grafitti, enough is enough.
Yes we are a multi-cultural society and yes we are taught tolerance but why is it that we the majority are made to feel we have to give up our rights to defend the rights of the few, religion is a personal thing and should be kept that way.
We have been the subject of fear due to religion in the 70's and 80's that is finished and we do not want it again, I now want to send a message to the Government WE WANT YOU OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Garry Cater

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Tuesday 28 May 2013

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