Community Service for those on Job Seekers Allowance (No to money...Yes to Coupons/Vouchers)

For people who are claiming Job Seekers Allowance or similar benefits should do something to earn their money i.e Community Service. This would discourage people claiming for those who sit at home and "claim" they are "searching" for work, but really are doing nothing. Filling out three search methods in a small booklet does not prove they have been searching.

JSA is meant to support living, not smoking, drinking, drugs and video games. The money should be converted into a voucher/coupon which can only be spent at certain retailers on particular items such as food, shirts, trousers and ties (materials that will help people live and find work). If there is a product that is genuinely required to entitle someone to work then it should go through a query system where it can be approved.

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Christopher Hawkins

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Thursday 10 November 2011

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