Compensatory marks for the Spelling Test of the GPS SATS test KS2 for Dyslexics

Profoundly dyslexic pupils who dont have any other concurring learning difficulty other than their dyslexia need to be given compensatory marks for spelling.It is proven that they cant hear sounds therefore cant distinguish them and therefore wont spell correctly, equal to that of hearing impairment

Dyslexic pupils are expected to achieve 88% on the Grammar Test whilst their average non dyslexic pupils are expected to achieve 66% to be at National. Non dyslexic pupils can achieve up to 20 marks for spelling whilst dyslexic pupils are discriminated against due to their disability.Pupils report at national standard or not, based on 3 elements of grammar, punctuation & Spelling. Without compensatory marks dyslexic pupils have to achieve 20% higher on G&P in order to be at expected standard

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Alison Anderson

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Thursday 8 March 2018

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Friday 7 September 2018