COMPULSORY Childcare, Money management, Cookery and more VITAL lessons to be taught on the school curriculum.

CHILDCARE - young teenage mothers has risen in recent years (a statistic shows 35966 females 16 and under were pregnant in 2009, and it's only getting worse) - we should induce childcare lessons to prepare them a nice dose of reality and hard work.

MONEY MANAGEMENT - inducing this lesson will help them SAVE, BUDGET and realise the WORTH of money. it is a BASIC life skill. what will these children do when they enter the world having to pay their taxes, ect?

COOKERY - i know there is "Food Tech" on the school curriculum but that isn't good enough. what child will live of tiramisu for the rest of their life? we need basic, budget and healthy plain COOKERY lessons. lessons that will give you, let's say, five pounds to make a meal because everything is pretty expensive now.

We need to take this to the government otherwise generations to come aren't going to have a clue at all when it comes to basic things.

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Paige Wooding

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Sunday 22 July 2012

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