Compulsory Community Service for Anti Social Behaviour Youths and Looters

Our society is experiencing too much anti social behaviour and too much violence being perpertrated by young people. The government should introduce compulsory community service as part of building a Big Society. There are some communities who are struggling due to circumstance beyond their control and in order to improve such communities perpertrators of violence should be forced to do community work to right their wrong. If these programs could be implemented then no community can complain of being disadvantaged. Working together can build a community. Soldiers and volunteers should be overseeing these programmes to enforced a booty camp approach. A lot of times we as British people do not realised how priviliged and lucky we are that we are in a society with such minimal natural disasters and its high time everyone should take responsibility for their community. Only then will the Big Society be achieved if everyone takes responsibility.

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Monday 15 August 2011

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