Compulsory testing for glyphosate levels in food

I am calling for compulsory testing and publication of glyphosate levels in UK foods.

There is increasing evidence that gluten and other proteins in wheat and cereal may be causing rising incidences of autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, Lupus and diabetes. New theories are being developed that suggest that this may be due to the damage to our guts as a result of glyphosate residues in plants - grains and cereals especially ( Another study ( found glyphosate in mothers' milk.

Despite these articles, research that can prove any links between cereal proteins, glyphosate and autoimmune disorders, is weak or absent. A first step to identiying any problems would be to test for glyphosate levels in UK foods.

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Alison Rieple

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Tuesday 8 April 2014

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Saturday 11 April 2015

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