Convicted foreigners to be deported

To reduce the cost of the UK taxpayer of building of new prisons as there would be less need.
• Reduce overcrowding in the existing prisons
• Too make Briton safer for law abiding citizens.
• Prevent reoffending in the UK

When a non-British citizen is convicted of any crime the will not serve time in the UK, Instead returned to their homeland.

The convicted criminals would be prevented from entering the UK again.

From BBC 29/03/11 “The average cost of keeping someone in prison is £47,000 a year”
The cost is to more than make up of the cost that would be met by the cost of keeping them in the jail.

The Criminal that has been deported may have property in the UK this should be auctioned off with the moneys made used to compensate the victim/s. and refund legal aid the cost of deporting. The remainder fund after costs to be handed over to the deported convict.

The Receiving country to give full details of the conviction so they can chose what to do with the criminal.

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Alan Tyler

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Friday 17 August 2012

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