Copyright amendment to allow parody and for better 'fair use'

We have heard in the past that the copyright laws are changing, but not enough where the new "Digital Age" can feel free and legal. There should be an amendment in the UK Copyright law to include parodies, satire and better fair use. We don't want to hurt people's creative works but we need this amendment to inspire the creative minds of today and the future! The United States of America have similar laws and they are handling it extremely well with little problems, so why must the UK hold one of the worst copyright laws in the world restricting our creative minds. Not everyone can afford the rights to parody that one 20 second scene in Star Wars or that 10 second clip of that popular song. Why restrict us? Why haven’t we made our mark? The reason is because we can’t bring out our comedic minds into film or the internet. We don’t want to hurt the copyright holders; we just don’t want to worry for a messily 10 second clip or parody.

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Morgan Porter

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Tuesday 11 February 2014

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Tuesday 17 February 2015

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