Council houses for over 25's only

Being raised on a council estate in a poor industrial town in the North of England I feel that I am 'in touch' with my local community and of the opinions/intentions that are held by many of the residents of my community. An ever increasing number of teenage girls are using pregnancy as a tool to get council housing and I believe that it is wrong and that we are not only encouraging teenage pregnancy by giving this housing so readily but we are also failing our young people by providing this easy option. How many young girls would get pregnant knowing that they had to either stay in their parents home for another 10yrs or so or would have to find a job to pay for private accomodation and child care. Many of the 'child mothers' in my community wanted a house not a child and their children now run wild until late at night because they are 'in the way'. We are in a downward spiral that must be adressed now before pregnancy at 12yo becomes the norm.

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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