Council Tax. Re-instate 6 Months Empty Property Exemption To Landlords

Change to Local Government Finance Act allows Councils to remove the 6 Months C/Tax exemption period.
Landlords always want their property occupied, and quickly, but It is simply impossinble to make good/refurbish a property after each tenants departure and then find a new tenant in such a rediculous period of 2 Weeks!

This is very damaging to the many small investors among us with no works pension, who by attempting to top up their State Pension income through property are now being penalised by this crippling monthly cost.
When the income ceases where does the money come from to pay the C/Tax and/or any Mortgage that may be on the property.

Like most I'm not looking forward to the Basic State Pension of £117 a Week!!

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Mr Steven Hirons

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Sunday 2 June 2013

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Saturday 14 June 2014

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