Create a change to the law on home invasions, to further protect residents.

Currently the law only allows for ‘reasonable force’ in protecting ones home from an armed invader. This is too vague. With legitimate fear of injury or death, householders must be protected from prosecution or arrest if such a threat gives rise to an altercation in which a home invader dies.

In 2012 the Justice Secretary proposed amending the law in England and Wales on self-defence to protect householders who over-react when confronted by a burglar or intruder.

We want the law to be shifted in favour of the householder to give them certainty that they will not be prosecuted, if a home invader dies during the course of an invasion, when armed with a weapon that can cause servere injury or death.

We propose a ‘Castle Law’ that will protect victims from prosecution.

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Ryan Tyler-Smith

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Thursday 12 April 2018

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Thursday 11 October 2018

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