Create a life skills class at secondary school to teach young people about things such as tax, mortgages, car fixtures (tyre change, jump start) Etc

Students in secondary school should be taught a number of life skills whilst education is compulsory.
They should be taught:
Types of bank accounts available and what each are for.
How to use and balance a cheque book
What tax is, the types of tax and how it works
What mortgage is and how it works
How to buy/rent houses or flats
How to buy cars/insurance and explain insurance
How to write CVs and cover letters
How to check your car for problems such as what symbols mean on the dash board.
How to know if your tread is low on your tyres
How to jump start a car
How to change a bulb/windscreen wipers on cars etc
To be made fully aware of working rights, prevent unfair treatment at work and how to not be exploited.
What to do if you are becoming self-employed
How to fill in forms regarding tax and other government work related forms.
How to do basic drilling, screwing and fixtures round the household.

Any other similar skills should also be considered.

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Emily Tranckle

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Friday 15 November 2013

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Friday 21 November 2014

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